Want to know what you current online reputation looks like but don’t have the time to go through the nitty gritty? Victoria Pearce Consulting gives you a human overview that not just shows you the statistics but also sees through the numbers giving you a quick, simple and easily readable report that shows where the speedy wins are. Do your guests constantly complain about plastic cups that lead them to write negative reviews? We will find out your guests’ bugbears and how to fix them. It is time to change those cups, have happy guests, good reviews and an amazing online reputation. All of which leads to increased guest satisfaction and increased revenue!. Simple! 


·       Number of current reviews per site

·       % who would recommend

·       Star rating

·       Current ranking

·       Category ranking

·       Key observations for improvement

·       Number of photos uploaded

·       Management description uploaded

·       Correct category?

·       Correct address?

·       Correct mapping?

·       Management responses happening? Quality?



Post audit follow up (aka online housekeeping)


·       Update incorrect key information

·       Addition of photos, videos, and improved description per site

·       Correct any inconsistencies discovered with listings such as address, mapping, category

·       Monthly monitoring of ranking

·       Full report ofabove points plus issues and positives that would lead to a higher guest satisfaction score and advice on implementation


Management & Staff training


At Victoria Pearce Consulting we realise it is not simply as easy as listening to a review and implementing change. We know that it is not just the manager and front of house staff that carry the burden of responsibility for an establishment's online reputation, but it is the unsung heroes. It is Sarah the housekeeper who brings the sick child an extra towel; it is Javier whose attention to detail with the flowerbeds and his shy demeanour that endears him to the guests; it is each and everyone  of the kids club team who give mum and dad a moment to breathe; it is the kitchen staff who make sure that everything ticks over as it should. These are the people that guests write about. These are the people who need to be celebrated. These are the people who need to be educated on the impact that they can have on any establishment's reputation. they are the heartblood of your establishment. Victoria Pearce Consultancy will teach them of their importance and of their responsibility through one on one and group sessions.



·       Simple presentation to key department head staff on online reputation management – What, Why, How?

·       One to one session with management responders to user reviews

·       Background support via a monthly retainer to offer assistance where needed